Inovação Ciser

In a leading position in its segment, in 2007, CISER highlighted the principle of innovation as a strategic element for development. In 2009, it created the Research, Technological Development and Innovation (PDTI) area, which takes on the task of building strategies to implement a management model focused on innovation. With the defined model, CISER endeavored to articulate a broad network of relationships with universities and promotional agencies. The process evolved rapidly. So much so that soon afterwards CISER was amongst the 15 finalists in the FINEP Innovation Award for large companies. At the end of that year, it had first project approved in public bidding notices.

In 2010, after consolidating the innovation model, the work of innovation focused on the internal environment began, with the formation of multidisciplinary groups.


Internally, one of the most successful projects is the CISER Improvement Group (GMC). The GMC is made up of employees who get together to identify, study and propose solutions for specific problems related to the work processes and productivity environment for example. The initiative was recognized with the participation of the group "Um Toque na Cuca", from the maintenance area of the company, in the state final of the CNI/Fiesc Award in 2009.