Investment in knowledge is essential for the evolution of our society. Therefore, it is necessary to have the science very close to the whole population. As a company, CISER works hard to transform and develop the knowledge generated by several educational centers into a better quality of life and to make the technology accessible to the public on a global basis. Innovation is only made possible when universities, research institutes, training centers, technology parks, business incubators, organizations and society work together towards advancing and growing the country's economy.

CISER supports universities in order to stimulate and strengthen the technological development that results from a partnership between the company and academia. By recognizing the opportunities that arise in teaching and research institutes, and investing in these types of collaboration, CISER acquires a competitive advantage and build a two-way road: the company wins, as it gets close to the continuous research environment within universities; and the institutions win, as they have the possibility to become familiar with hands-on experience and see the daily challenges faced by organizations.