Fente is a line of slotted nuts imported from France, which guarantee the stability of structures that suffer from frequent vibration. The calibrated slots generate constant pressure on the threads of the screw, preventing the loss of tightening loads, regardless of the initial torque, with a self-locking system.


A new concept of slotted nuts

Novo conceito de porcas fendadas

Fente slotted nuts (HCE, ESL and ERM) are made entirely of metal, they are reusable and have the same coefficient of expansion as the bolt. They resist hydrocarbons and temperature variations. The excellent performances of products in the line have been attested in the Cetin tests, (French Technical Center for Mechanical Industries).

Product Benefits

Product Benefits
  • Good cost benefit analysis;
  • Better resistance to vibrations;
  • Resistant to hydrocarbons;
  • Resistant to temperature changes;
  • Simple and reliable;
  • Reduced maintenance time.