The Stud Bolt shear connectors are ideal for the construction of composite steel-concrete structures, especially beams and slabs. Because of their performance and resistance, they are widely used in large metal structures for, buildings, overpasses, bridges, power plants, among others.


Practical, fast and safe

During the installation, the welding the connector to the beam is done by electro-fusion. The process is extremely convenient and fast and uses a special gun that is controlled by a timer.

Electro-fusion welding

A sphere of solid flux is clamped at the end of the component, which operates as
a deoxidizing and stabilizing agent for the welding arc. A ceramic ring with a specific setting
is placed on the connector to limit the welding area.

  • Couple the Stud Bolt and ceramic ring to the welding gun. Place the pin on the surface of the structure.
  • Pull the trigger. Automatically, the Stud Bold will retract and open the passage of the current that forms the arc welding process.
  • During the welding, the stud bolt is pressed against the molten metal and is confined by the ceramic ring.
  • The metal solidifies in a split second after the end of electric current and a high quality weld is ready.